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RESERVE CHALLENGE DOG & AUST BRED IN SHOW - Bullmastiff Club of Victoria 2007 October Speciality Show......under Breed Specialist Judge....Ms Anne-Marie Class  (France)


Critique..........In excellent condition, well masculine, beautiful square head, beautiful square skull, excellent ears, beautiful body, topline could be more level, good pigmentation, excellent angulation, excellent movement with a good drive.

3rd Open Dog Class - Bullmastiff Club of Victoria Champ Show, June 2006.  (Judge...Bill Walkey)
2nd Open Dog Class - Royal Melbourne Show 2006, Judge: Ms Carla Molinari (Portugal)
2nd  Open Dog Class - Bullmastiff Club  of Victoria Champ Show  Oct. 2006 (Judge:  Mr Andrew Burt)

Intermediate Dog Class 5th - NSWBC Bullmastiff Specialty Championship Show 2005 
Aust. Bred Dog Class 5th/10 - 3rd Bullmastiff National Speciality Championship Show 2005 under Mr Chris Quantrill, Licassa Kennels (UK)

Aust. Bred Dog Class 2nd - BCV Bullmastiff Specialty Championship Show 2004
Intermediate Dog Class 4th - NSW BC Bullmastiff Specialty Championship Show 2004 
Aust. Bred Dog Class 2nd  - Royal Melbourne Show 2004 

Intermediate Dog Class 1st - Royal Melbourne Show 2003
Intermediate Dog Class 3rd - BCV Bullmastiff Specialty Championship Show 2003 

Puppy Dog 1st - Canberra Royal Show under Mr Alan Rostron , Graecia Kennels (UK) 2002
12 to 18 mths Futurity Dog Class 2nd - Bullmastiff 2nd National Specialty Championship Show 2002 under Mrs Donna Jobe, Abbeyblyth Kennels (NZ) 
R/Up Best of Breed - All Breeds Championship Show NSW under Mr Bill Walkey, Shayla Kennels (Canada)
Reserve  Dog - BCV Bullmastiff Specialty Open Show 2002 
Junior Dog Class 1st - BCV Bullmastiff Specialty Championship Show 2002
Junior Dog Class 2nd - 2nd Bullmastiff National Specialty Championship Show 2002

Baby Puppy Dog 2nd - BCV Bullmastiff Specialty Championship Show under Mr Billy Warren, Copperfield Kennels (UK) 2001



Specialist Judge Bill Walkey, Canada (Shayla Kennels) Pictured above. RUBOB Bullmastiff Speciality Show - Sydney Kennel Club, August 3, 2003.

Very good breed type, with good head and muzzle. Good pigmentation, but flews a little too much, ears a little wide set. Topline good, but drops a little when relaxed.  Good spring of rib, with nice wide chest, shoulder and prosternum. Shoulder and rear angles very good. Ideal suspended gait, coming, going and side. Little long in flank, slightly east-west in front feet, good substance and bone throughout.  A good choice for RUBOB.

Specialist Judge Mrs Donna Jobe (Abbeyblyth Kennels NZ) BCV Bullmastiff Specialty Championship Show 2004

Fawn dog, excellent head, dark eye, good ear carriage, correct amount of wrinkle when alert, well arched neck, good bone, nice forequarter, moved well.